East Haven and Airport Expansion is the most Transformative Issue for 2023.

Flooding in East Haven near Tweed Terminal (Credit: Lorena Venegas)


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An Open Letter to Mr. Jorge Roberts, CEO Avports, Facilities Management at Tweed-New
Haven Airport

Our streets in East Haven flooded today. The major road, Hemingway Avenue, flooded at Short Beach and Coe Avenues all the way to Proto Drive. Do you care? Planes were diverted to Bradley Airport today. Do you care? Burr street residents and idling cars had to watch Avelo attempt to land in 45-60 mph winds multiple times, only to fail every landing. Do you care? The hundreds of idling cars do not know that the flights are diverted. Once they find out, they have to drive 40-45 minutes to pick up passengers at Bradley Airport. We have falling temperatures from 50s to 10s and ice forming on surfaces inside wetlands. This is wrong. Do you care? I do.

For two weeks, I have requested for you to meet with residents, and there has been zero communication. We have major concerns that are visible, documented and need open discussion and solutions. I would be glad to meet with Jonathan Hunt and the investors in the West End Infrastructure Partners hedge fund too. Andrew King can work on the logistics. East Haven residents would like to meet with you and your team about Tweed New Haven Airport expansion, the need for an Environmental Impact Statement, and the Community Benefits Plan.

Lorena Venegas
East Haven, CT