No Benefits Only Burden With Tweed Expansion

Marshes near the Tweed Expansion (courtesy of the author)


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East Haven was one of the last shoreline towns that was affordable to everyone. We have million dollar homes and Section 8 housing. The beautiful pristine beach was available to families and singles. The opportunity to buy a home was an option for young people. My son bought a home which is now in Tweeds expansion sights. We have beautiful wooded trails and wetlands filled with wildlife.

If Tweed New Haven Airport expands into this town that will all be destroyed. For those who don’t know the plan is to enter off Coe Avenue onto Proto Drive. We are already being subjected to air and noise pollution but if a 72,000 sf terminal is built on precious land everything will change. 

Traffic, flooding, air and noise pollution, depreciation of homes, irreparable damage to protected wetlands, wildlife and habitat loss are just a few of the historic transformations of a once lovely town.

As I sat at the beach yesterday for a few moments of solitude, a jet roared overhead. 

The little jewel is on the precipice of being destroyed. There are NO financial benefits only burden. So for a handful of rich investors and self serving politicians our private sanctuary will be gone. This is the heartbreaking prospect of our town.

Jean Edwards-Chieppo
East Haven, CT