Stamford Neighborhoods Coalition Endorses — ‘Zoning is on the Ballot’


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The Stamford Neighborhoods Coalition supports candidate Bob Stefanowski and his running mate, State Rep. Laura Devlin, who have committed to working with the General Assembly and will stand up for our communities and challenge the special interests who are trying to push regulations that do not properly address the housing and other affordability issues we face in Connecticut.

The onslaught of anti-zoning bills has led to passionate local activism by neighbors whose quality of life and home values are under attack by demonizing zoning and seeking to dismantle local zoning regulations, substituting a one-size-fits all State takeover. Candidate Stefanowski called for repeal of Connecticut’s affordable housing laws and 8-30g. He is committed to assuring a pragmatic approach to resolve housing issues by creating more opportunity for economic growth, higher paying jobs and access to home ownership, rather than creating an overabundance of high-density market value rental units, while ending the assault on local zoning.

Bob Stefanowski has committed to making Connecticut safer, revising use-of-force standards, police liability laws, and other elements of the Police Accountability Act adopted in 2020 that are responsible for higher crime and lack of support for local law enforcement.

It is a pleasure to endorse Leora Levy for U.S. Senate representing Connecticut. Leora has worked tirelessly to introduce candidates and launch campaigns of aspirants as well as those seeking reelection who have rooted convictions oriented in constituent well-being. Her platform is one that promotes opportunity, personal freedom and limited government intrusion into our lives, while recognizing the need for safety nets and strong communities, neighborhood values consistent with those of the Stamford Neighborhoods Coalition.

Her incumbent opponent has a demonstrated history of being little more than a rubber stamp, voting 98% of the time for legislations supported by his party and its most liberal elements, despite their detriment to Connecticut. He has supported legislation that would fundamentally transform our neighborhoods in an undesirable manner that is inconsistent with values supported by the Stamford Neighborhoods Coalition.

It is a great pleasure for the Coalition to endorse Jayme Stevenson for Congress representing the 4th Congressional District. Jayme has served for a decade as a Chief Elected Official efficiently managing the affairs of Darien and successfully dealing with constituent issues. She is a proponent of parents’ rights; she supports the police and will work to stop the illegal flow of drugs into our state. Through her decade of service, Jayme has demonstrated time and again a shared Coalition commitment to preserving and protecting the unique character of our communities and neighborhoods.

The Coalition wholeheartedly endorses Kimberley Fiorello for reelection as State Representative who stands up tirelessly for her constituents against entrenched political forces not only exposing failed policies, but offering a clear vision of a better way forward. Kimberly galvanized grassroots legislative support to protect our towns and defeat a wave of zoning bills coming out of Hartford that would diminish local voices and local decision-making on matters pertaining to zoning and land use. She challenged the utility companies for their exorbitant rates and poor response to outages.

Furthermore, she has been a strong advocate, supporting our police and law enforcement, and is a proponent for academic excellence, parents’ rights, and school choice. Kimberly is a staunch supporter of responsible budgeting, and prudent spending to reduce the heavy financial burdens on Connecticut residents, creating an environment conducive for businesses to flourish and expand, growing our economy and providing new employment opportunities.

The Stamford Neighborhoods Coalition wholeheartedly endorses Michael Battinelli who is running for State Senate District 27. Mike has worked tirelessly with the Stamford Neighborhoods Coalition and is a dedicated community leader. He feels over-development is running rampant and is a strong proponent of home rule. Mike is running because he feels that the incumbent candidates have lost touch with their constituents. Mike is a Stamford firefighter from a multigenerational Stamford family.

The Stamford Neighborhoods Coalition proudly endorses Joe Andreana for the Stamford Board of Education who has participated with the Coalition in advancing community-wide objectives. Running with Joe for the Board of Education in this November 8th election are two parents, Lisa Butler and Diane Melchionne. Together, they will improve our schools by holding the Superintendent accountable for a written curriculum for all schools in the District and ensuring a safe environment so that our children and staff can thrive and learn.