Fiorello: Nothing Worth Doing Is Easy


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Fellow residents of Greenwich and Stamford, we face an important choice in the coming days and that choice has consequences.  As many of you know, I am the lawmaker who leads from the front line to magnify the voices of parents, grandparents, teachers, first responders, business owners, taxpayers, and engaged citizens.

In my time in Hartford, it is apparent that the drafting of unchecked policy is the norm rather than the exception.  Too often, our legislature measures success based on the number of new mandates passed regardless of an understanding of outcomes; substance is in surprisingly short supply. 

Hartford’s controlling party is best understood as a dissonant chorus singing a familiar jingle of more taxes, more mandates, and more unchecked government spending that impact our lives, our children’s lives and the very fabric of our community. 

Too many lawmakers take part in this chorus.  They are rewarded for doing so – just read the sheet music and learn your cue. It is the easy choice.  My grandmother taught me that in life, nothing worth doing is easy.  We need more legislators who are willing to insist that our process include substance and accountability.

I want to thank all of you for the time and support you have given me during this campaign. I’ve met you at your front door or at mine or at community events.  Your stories stay with me. 

I remember you, the woman who showed me that you were wearing two sweaters and a fleece on top because you did not want to turn the heat too early in the season, as heating oil costs were so expensive. 

Connecticut has one of the highest per unit costs for energy – a direct result of unchecked, poorly designed policy in Hartford.  I am working to change this. 

I remember you, the business owner, who told me you are voting on one issue this year: crime.  You said you usually vote Democrat, but not this year.  You said passing laws that prevent police officers from doing their jobs is the worst public policy any society could follow. 

Greenwich’s Silver Shield and the Stamford Police Union couldn’t agree more.  Both organizations have endorsed me, as I continue to pursue an agenda to restore safety and security to our community. 

I remember you, the dad, who got in your truck to find me several houses away to ask me one more question – “where did I stand on forcing COVID shots and boosters on children to attend school and play sports?”  I stand with you parents, who oppose these mandates, and I will fight for you to be able to make decisions for your children.

I remember you, the 30-something year old, who told me you moved from New York City to a wooded house in Stamford specifically for the natural space.  You and your wife are in such disbelief over Hartford’s zoning attacks and are increasingly frustrated over the high cost of all the bills you have to pay.

CT Realtors and our state’s largest independent business association support me and the economic agenda I have to protect property rights, to lower the cost of living, and to grow the private sector.

You’ve also learned about who I truly am as a person and as your elected lawmaker.  You’ve seen me in debates.  You’ve read my constituent emails and op-eds on inflation, health insurance costs, bad zoning bills, Eversource rate hikes, education spending, rising crime, and more.  You’ve attended my town halls with subject matter experts that inform you on the important legislative issues in Hartford.  I have kept the promise I made to you two years ago to do everything I can to bring transparency to government.

I am asking you to cast your vote for me on Nov 8th because more legislative battles lie ahead that will impact our day-to-day lives.  You know I can carry the responsibility of the votes that I take to protect your rights, respect the value of your dollar, and honor your ability to make decisions for yourselves, your family, and your community.  I am the actual fiscal conservative in this race, not one who claims to be. 

I have been viciously criticized and attacked for the principled votes I take, but I have never placed my opponent’s argument or position on an unequal footing to my own.  The best policy is forged by substantive exchange, not by negative or disingenuous tag-line advertising.  I have always run a positive, forthright, and substance-driven campaign.  The goal is to incorporate different points of view to strengthen the fabric of our community, not to tear it apart. 

It has been an honor to serve you and to learn from you these past two years.  It is with great humility that I ask for your support and vote this November 8th.

Fiorello is the incumbent Republican State Senator representing Greenwich and Stamford