Local College Students Write to Support Carney


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To the Editor:

As graduates of public schools in the 23rd, we always felt we received a quality education that prepared us for the next steps in our lives. We all decided to continue our education and look forward to entering the job market and the ‘real world’ soon.

For many college students, the world seems like a scary place right now. Inflation, international wars, intense political division, online bullying, and cancel culture are things we must deal with or have dealt with already in our lives. For our future, we believe that Devin Carney is best prepared to handle our ever-changing world and the best to support students and young people.

Devin is the only candidate in the race who attended local public schools, so he understands – first-hand – the importance they have over young minds. He believes in ensuring parents, students, and local teachers have input in curriculum – not the state. Like us, he went to college after and was the first person in his immediate family to graduate from college. He gets the impact student loans and a tenuous economy and job market have – and he will do whatever he can to make improvements. He has already worked to defeat tax increases and opposed tuition hikes.

He has also made young generations a hallmark of his tenure. He started the Connecticut Future Caucus for legislators under 45 and has always extended a hand across the aisle to come up with the best policies. In addition, Devin wants us to succeed – he doesn’t want us to lose our dreams or lose a job opportunity because of our political views or political affiliation. We have seen too much of that in this country and it must end. Devin proposed legislation to protect free speech on college campuses regardless of political party.

To us, there is no question Devin is the best candidate for our future and we hope you will join us in supporting him November 8th!

Jack Dunn, Old Saybrook (Georgetown)
Matt Julius, Old Saybrook (Eastern Connecticut State University)
Henry Lahm, Lyme (University of Rhode Island)
Daniel Ruppenicker, Westbrook (Virginia Tech)