Kimberly Fiorello ‘Incredibly Effective These Past Two Years’


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To the Editor:

State Rep. Kimberly Fiorello represents our values and works to improve the lives of people in our community. She deserves to be re-elected to the Connecticut House of Representatives.

Kimberly is a voice of reason in a one-party-controlled Hartford, where bills often pass without a single Republican vote. The Democrats have had a supermajority in the Connecticut State House for over a decade and can pass anything that they want. Kimberly studies the bills before she votes and consults with experts if she has questions. She often discovers serious problems in the legislation and works hard to correct the flaws. Her opponent in this race, a far left liberal who has been actively involved with Indivisible Greenwich, will just be another Democrat rubber-stamp to legislation that often has unintended and harmful consequences, especially to our town.

Kimberly works hard to keep us informed of what is going on in Hartford and explains why she votes the ways that she does. When bills with nice sounding names raise our taxes, increase government’s intrusive role in our lives and in our town, threaten women’s rights or our health or welfare she votes No.  For example, when an abortion rights bill jeopardized women’s health by allowing nurses and mid-wives, instead of doctors, to perform abortions was being debated, she spoke with abortion providers who agreed that this was dangerous and voted No. She consistently quotes former President Bill Clinton and says that “abortions should be safe, legal, and rare.” Despite what you may have heard from her opponent in her disingenuous distortions of Kimberly’s voting record, Kimberly supports women rights, parental choices and involvement in our schools, balanced state budgets, lower taxes and meaningful tax relief, and protecting our rainy-day fund.

Even though she is in the minority party, Kimberly has been incredibly effective these past two years.  She was instrumental in stopping the state zoning bills that would have seen our local voices diminished. She helped to ensure that the Democrats would not pass a state-wide property tax. And she is focused on making sure that education in Connecticut fosters academic excellence. As a freshman, she even got a bill passed that addresses hunger in our state by supporting food donations and eliminating waste. Kimberly has the support of many people and organizations in our community including CT Realtors, National Federation of Independent Business, the Stamford Police and the Greenwich Fraternal Order of Police as well as leaders in our town like Fred Camillo and Lauren Rabin.

Kimberly Fiorello has earned our support  Please vote to re-elect Kimberly as our voice, eyes and ears in Hartford.

Allyson Cowin
Greenwich, CT.