Lazor Compares Approach on the Issues to Incumbent Congressman John Larson

Dr. Larry Lazor


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Election Day is rapidly approaching. In just a couple weeks, you’ll have the privilege to vote for either me or Rep. John Larson to represent CT-1 in the House of Representatives.

Before I go any further, please vote – no matter who you support. Voting is one of our most sacred civic duties –and a privilege that many people throughout history have fought and died for – including right now in Ukraine. I hope you keep an open mind, do your research, and then vote your conscience.

Now, let me lay out the choice you have and make my case for your vote.

John Larson is a 24-year incumbent who hasn’t faced a serious challenge in decades. I am a practicing OBGYN who decided to pause my medical career and challenge Mr. Larson for two reasons.

First, I believe that in this time of historic partisanship and low confidence in government, our community and our country would benefit from fresh representation and thinking in Congress. As a moderate, compromise-oriented Republican in a state that’s traditionally been Democratic, I feel especially well positioned to be part of the solution.

Secondly, I disagree with John’s approach toward many of the issues we face. On the issues, here’s how we compare:

Spending and the economy

For his entire time in office, John Larson has acted as if we can spend our way out of any problem. Whether that’s supporting $50,000 college debt entitlements, proposing a $20-40 billion plan to reroute the highways under Downtown Hartford or eliminating provisions in Social Security that prevent people like himself who already receive government pensions from receiving additional Social Security payments, his solution has always been spending more of our money. I feel differently. I believe in fiscal responsibility and know that reckless spending like this is what’s causing the runaway inflation we’re seeing now. Inflation like this hurts all Americans, forcing us to spend more to feed our families, fill our cars, and heat our homes. While Larson has wishful thinking on his side, math – and economists
(like Larry Summers) – tend to side with me.

Health care

I’ve spent the last 32 years as a practicing OBGYN. In all that time caring for patients, handling the business side, and even opening a surgery center, I’ve learned quite a bit about how the system works. I want to use that knowledge to help finally fix our healthcare system so that we can provide quality care to everyone at a reasonable cost. Our healthcare system costs $5,000 more per person than Switzerland’s, which is the next most expensive system. We don’t need more money in healthcare, we need a better plan.


It’s no secret that crime rates have been increasing around our district – and indeed around the country. Unfortunately, John’s solution has been to blame the police – while simultaneously making it harder for them to do their jobs. I believe we’d be better off advancing solution-oriented policies that increase both resources and oversight for our police officers to ensure empathy, respect, and safety for every resident of our district.


A strong education system is one of the most effective ways to expand access to opportunity. Right now, schools in our district and across the country are failing students, particularly ones from lower-income backgrounds. As we’d expect, John’s solution has been sinking more money into these schools, yet it hasn’t worked. I propose we address the root cause – teachers unions that place their political power ahead of student success – and get back to putting students and families first. All of the money flowing through teachers unions to politicians like John would be better off supporting pre-K and afterschool programs, summer camps, career counseling, and better salaries for our teachers.


At the end of the day, if there’s any one thing I stand for, it’s commonsense proposals that work to make things better for everyone. While I haven’t been shy about criticizing John Larson where I believe he’swrong, as your congressman, I’d work with anyone and everyone willing to join forces to improve our country. That’s why I’ve been endorsed by Country First as the only Republican candidate for US Congress across the country who “put country before party – no matter what.” This label is an honor and a
responsibility I take very seriously.

Of course, there are many issues at play, not all of which I have room to cover here. If you want to learn more about what I stand for, you can visit my website. If you have questions – or just want to get to know me better – feel free to reach out through the “get connected” form there. It’d be my pleasure to meet you.

I have been humbled by the groundswell of support thus far – from Democrats, Republicans, and unaffiliated voters alike. I have done my best to gather input from folks in all 27 cities and
towns within our district and really appreciate their enthusiasm and support. This is our opportunity to make government work better for all of us and it would be the honor of a lifetime to represent you.

Lazor is the Republican candidate for the 1st Congressional District seat currently held by Rep. John Larson