Jim Grasso: If Ella Was Alive Today, She’d Support Bob Stefanowski


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To the Editor:

My mother was Ella Grasso. If she were alive today, she would support Bob Stefanowski for Governor. What Mr. Lamont has done to her beloved state would anger her. The ideology of the Democratic Party and Legislative leadership are the same who tormented her in the last few years of her life.

The Democratic legislature has violated their sacred oaths of office and public trust. They usurped their duties of legislating laws by anointing Mr. Lamont, an autocrat, allowing him to rule our state by fiat.

The Democrats have hurt public safety, causing crime to reach unparallel levels. They did this by demonizing Our Police, cutting their budgets and hamstrung their abilities to protect us by “accountability” laws. Radical liberal judges appointed by them release career criminals onto the very streets they terrorized just hours before daily.

Personal greed and socialist economic policies have marked Mr. Lamont’s administration. Families now are struggling to feed, cloth and even maintain a warm shelter. Businesses with their well-paying jobs have either left the state or closed.

Lamont has been kinder to others. Ann Lamont, her business partner, Ezekiel Emanuel, and his business, Boston Consultants, received hundreds of millions of state dollars in no-bid contracts. He has also pandered union votes with state money.

Lamont hides his incompetence by telling lies like a child does to his parents. His most ridiculous one was that he did not raise taxes. More ominous to his character is his four-year efforts to repeal the state’s Freedom of Information Law so he can cover more of his lies. Some of his blunders he could not hide, as is the New London Pier projects budget, overrun cost going from $93 Million to a staggering $300 million. I guess it is hard to conceal its FBI investigation. He might be more successful with the state’s school construction project, whose investigation is conveniently on “hold” till after the election.

Leaders of the Democratic Party would never support Ella. She would have to fight their radical candidate in a primary. If she won, neither the Democrat Central nor National Committees would support her. She would be just too dangerous to the Party’s radical agenda if she won.

Ella only wanted the best for all of us. As her son, I felt in my heart that I owed it to her to write this. I have no doubts that she would have wanted Bob to hold the office she held in this, her beloved state.

Jim Grasso
Lebanon, CT

Grasso is the son of former Democratic Governor Ella Grasso. Jim describes himself as a “registered Ella Democrat”