Harry Day: Fiorello Brings Energy, Enthusiasm for Good Government


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To the Editor,

Sincerity is described by Merriam-Webster as “honesty of mind” and “freedom from hypocrisy.”  In meeting State Rep. Kimberly Fiorello several times now, receiving her emails, and reading her op-eds in the Stamford Advocate, I find that she brings an energy to her work and an enthusiasm for good government — transparency and accountability — that exhibits this rare quality of sincerity in a politician.

As a first-generation American, Kimberly’s story, which she has shared on the campaign trail, is of hard work, family, valuing education, and most of all, embracing the American Way.  Her website,  www.kimberlyfiorello.com, shows a short video called “My American Story.”  One of the bills Kimberly proposed in her first term that I find intriguing is HB6137 “An Act Permitting School Districts to Institute a Civics Literacy Assessment for Students in Grade 11,” as I too believe our children today need American civics literacy. 

As a 45-year resident of Stamford–and having served 17 years on the Board of Representatives–I have witnessed our once largely industrial town transform into the second largest city in Connecticut with a broad business center and extraordinary neighborhoods.  I love this city, and I am very grateful to Fiorello, especially for her tireless work protecting local control of zoning.  She fully understands the doctrine of property rights — and the trust we have placed in purchasing one-acre (or more) single-family properties — and she will protect local control of zoning that plays a vital role in protecting the value of the largest investment of our lives.  Home ownership is key to having a thriving strong middle class.  This is the American way of broad prosperity for all.

On November 8th please vote to support Kimberly Fiorello for State Representative 149th District.  

Harry Day
Stamford, CT

Day was a member of the Stamford Board of Representatives for 17 years