Teacher Writes in Support of Re-electing Kimberly Fiorello


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To the Editor:

This will be the most important election of our lifetime.   

If it seems as though those words are uttered more and more frequently each time we enter a new election season, it’s because they actually have a ring of truth – particularly now.  The general election this November 8 will be most consequential; so much is at stake.  Our state is facing unprecedented challenges, and we need principled and hard-working leaders capable of tackling them.  In the Connecticut General Assembly, one woman stands head and shoulders above the rest.  State Rep. Kimberly Fiorello has served the 149th District with dedication, passion, and integrity.  But from my perspective, she’s been a leader and champion for all Connecticut residents.   

As a school teacher, I have firsthand knowledge of this.  Last year, when many folks in my profession were subjected to Gov. Ned Lamont’s arbitrary, oppressive medical mandates, very few leaders were willing to offer their time, let alone their support and advocacy.  In fact, the reactions that we received from many politicians ranged from indifference to utter derision.  At a time when our Constitutional rights were being stripped from us like never before, we were persecuted and ostracized in the workplace and in our communities.  Those of us desperately fighting to safeguard our religious and medical freedoms found few allies, but Representative Fiorello was in our corner from the start.  She listened, advised, and fought valiantly on our behalf.   

Over the past year, I’ve discovered that Fiorello is also a staunch advocate for strengthening our schools and ensuring that every child and family can thrive.  In many districts throughout the state, traditional American values, academic rigor, and ideological diversity are being sacrificed for “woke” curricula and misguided priorities.  As a result, scholastic achievement has suffered and too many students have been left ill-equipped to navigate an increasingly complex world.  To address these worsening issues, we need someone with vision, determination, and fortitude.  Fiorello is that someone.  

She believes in creating an educational system that prioritizes math, reading, and writing.  She values choice and knows that, for all children to succeed, regardless of race or socioeconomic status, families must have a variety of educational options accessible to them.  Unfortunately, teachers unions and one-party rule have stifled that access, thus preventing many Connecticut families from finding the types of schools that can meet their needs and align with their values.  Affording parents the ability to decide what’s best for their own children is essential. 

Fiorello believes that parents should be equal partners in the education of their children.  In a growing number of cases, however, parents have been sidelined.  Recently, there have been instances of parents expressing concerns over potentially inappropriate content being taught in their children’s schools.  When these parents requested access to the instructional materials for previewing purposes, their concerns were dismissed or ignored.  This emerging trend can’t be allowed to continue, especially while controversial subject matter and biased dogmas continue to be infused into school curricula.  Our society is grappling with complicated issues, so openness and transparency are vital.  Parents must remain a fundamental part of the educational equation.  

Honesty, compassion, and authenticity.  Those are among the first words that come to mind when I think about Representative Fiorello.  No one has fought harder for, or cares more about the well-being of, her community than she.  She deeply understands the issues, considers them carefully, and isn’t afraid to take a stand for what’s right – even if it means standing alone.  For all these reasons, she must be re-elected.  Please vote for State Rep. Kimberly Fiorello on November 8 so that she can continue to fight tirelessly on behalf of District 149 and to enrich the lives of all Connecticut residents.  

David DiCrescenzo
Danbury, CT