Working Moms: ‘Devin Has Always Looked Out for Us’


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To the Editor:

As working mothers, we believe there is no question that our State Representative, Devin Carney, deserves re-election. He fights for the things we care about – including our economy, public safety, our local public education, and support for small businesses. These issues are vital to the future success of Connecticut and Lyme & Old Lyme. Without a thriving economy, our kids can’t stay here and retirees in our family will be forced to move to states like Florida simply to survive. We deserve legislators who will fight for our families and for our financial futures.

When we go grocery shopping or look at our Eversource bills, we don’t expect to be squeezed like we have seen lately. When these prices skyrocket our household budgets become much more difficult to manage and the value of the dollars we earn goes down. Devin Carney has always looked out for us taxpayers by stopping new taxes on groceries, opposing policies that will raise our energy delivery costs even more (doesn’t that drive you nuts), and combating wasteful spending that drives up taxes. He also has always tried to reduce costs on our kids by fighting state tuition hikes and providing more opportunities for young people across various job sectors.

As women, specifically, we have been impressed with how Devin has supported important issues for women in the workplace like pay equity, protections for moms coming back into the workforce after giving birth, and better health insurance coverage for issues like breast and ovarian cancer. Devin has always – always – looked out for us and we are confident that will continue.

As women, as mothers, as voters – we encourage you to vote for Devin Carney. He is the only choice for anyone who cares about our economy, the cost of living, and the values we know and love in Old Lyme.

Ellen Cole
Maria Corrao Marchant
Lisa Knepshield
Jill Pilgrim
Cyndi Miller-Aird