Fiorello’s Votes Tell Another Story


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To the Editor:

State Rep. Kimberly Fiorello’s recent mailer makes some outlandish claims. With just a few days until the election it‘s time to set the record straight, and I urge voters to support her opponent, Rachel Khanna.

It is hard to take Kimberly Fiorello seriously when she says she supports cutting taxes because she voted against $650 million in tax cuts for Connecticut taxpayers. She voted against suspending the gas tax, which has saved residents an estimated $150 million. She voted against eliminating pension and annuity taxes for retirees. And she voted against lowering property taxes on homes and cars, which will save us about $100 million per year. (HB5506)

She also claims to be committed to academic excellence, but continually votes to dismantle public education, including introducing bills to divert funds from our local public schools to charter schools. She voted against over $13 million in funding for Greenwich and Stamford schools, against funds to support student mental health, against bills to improve literacy, and against expanding early childhood education. Her voting record on academic excellence is so bad that the Connecticut Education Association gave her a failing grade of 43%–one of the lowest grades in the Assembly!

Similarly, her call to “support our police to stop crime” rings hollow when compared to her vote against funds for police training and equipment this year. She even voted against a bill to increase penalties for assaulting a State Capitol Police officer, which was supported by the CT Police Chiefs Association, after the violent attack on our nation’s capital. (HB6455)

Candidates say all kinds of things when they want to get reelected. That’s why it is so important to look into their voting record. Please join me this November in voting for Rachel Khanna, who is committed to making Connecticut more affordable, retaining local control over housing construction, and continuing to provide balanced budgets while seeking opportunities to lower taxes. Kimberly Fiorello’s record proves that she does not deserve our trust.

Carole Lang
Stamford, CT