Perilousness of our Democracy — Do We Save It or Destroy It!


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To the Editor:

How we will exercise the Power of Our Choice in this election is the determinant on whether we preserve our democracy or extinguish the beckoning light of Lady Liberty from which our forefathers and mothers came, sacrificed, and fought for a better life based on equality, freedom, truth, liberty and justice for all.

Do we fall prey to the “Big Lie perpetuated by Social Media algorithms peddling misinformation to deliberately stir anger and fear while attempting to convince people to buy into false promises. Sadly, these manipulative tactics disempower people making them pawns of destruction while serving candidates vested only in “their love of power”.

Or do we choose candidates vested in “the power of love” manifesting empowering beliefs that serve to heal and transform our democracy while advocating economic growth and equality, social justice and reform, reproductive freedom of choice, strong gun safety laws, keeping our children and schools safe, funding our schools and infrastructure, and preserving our rights to vote.

Senator Blumenthal, Congressman Himes, Governor Lamont, State Representative Meskers, State Representative candidates Rachel Khanna and Hector Arzeno, State Senator Candidate Trevor Crow—all possess the humility, fierceness, and passion for the preservation of our democratic rights, freedoms, liberties, and justice that will move us forward. 

How will you vote? Have any doubts? To obtain the truth and facts for our politicians, go to where facts matter. Our generation’s greatest challenge is to defend each other’s right to the facts. “If we leave lies unchallenged, we will not remain free for long.”

Marianne Schorer
Greenwich, CT