Jayme Stevenson’s Chutzpah


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To the Editor:

It’s been decades of Democrat policies in Connecticut’s Federal, State and Local seats that has created a completely unaffordable place to live. One of the Highest taxed States in America and we still do not have Congress Street Bridge built. Kind of Ironic, This Bridge in Bridgeport has been out of commission for over 25 years. What has Congressman Jim Himes done for the past seven terms he has been in office? What has our State done with all our taxes? Seven terms are too long. It’s time we elect new people to Congress who are responsible to their Constituents. Jayme believes in term limits. After a decade of service as Darien’s First Selectwoman, she did not seek re-election in 2021, because of her belief that elected officials need to know when to pass the torch. Public service is an honor not a lifelong career.

My husband and I attended the debate between Jayme and Mr. Himes. We were blown away by our congressman’s lack of knowledge and insensitivity in using a Yiddish word describing Jayme. “Chutzpah”, yes Jayme has Chutzpah, and she will wear that name as a badge of honor when she retires Mr. Himes.

I was once a Democrat, but that Party is now unrecognizable. Turning a blind eye to open Borders, Cartels infiltrating our land, bringing deadly drugs to our children, sex trafficking, sexualizing the school systems. It’s mind blowing that they ignore what is really going on in our Country. Ignore their constituents suffering from inflation. They keep raising taxes. We need to change Hartford now. It’s insanity, voting the same way expecting a different outcome. I am proud to say that I am currently the Vice Chair of the Ridgefield Republican Town Committee and I’m voting for Jayme Stevenson. I hope you will too.

Colette Kabasakalian
Ridgefield, CT