I Cannot Imagine Anyone Having a Better Understanding of Our State’s Finances than John Rasimas


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To the Editor:

I am writing in staunch support of John Rasimas’ candidacy for state representative representing Madison and Durham in the 101st district.

As I have gotten to know John over the past year or so, I am hard pressed to think of a better candidate to represent us in Hartford. John has the life experiences and the professional expertise that make him an excellent advocate for us in Hartford.

Back to that in a moment.

More importantly, I believe John has a mission to do what is right in Hartford on all the issues important to our state. Some people run for public office out of duty, some run with a passion for the job, but fewer run with a true mission, and I believe John Rasimas is one of those few.

By most polls, the economy is by far the most prominent issue on voter’s minds heading into this election. John is a certified public accountant. John teaches accounting in our state university system. And John recently retired from a 38-year career in the state auditor’s office, running the office for the last six years of his career.

With that background, I cannot imagine anyone having a better understanding of our state’s finances than John. This will allow him to hit the ground running, and to have an immediate impact on budget discussions in the legislature, backed by the credibility of a 38-year career in public service.

I urge everyone, especially independent voters, to visit John’s website to learn more about John and where he stands on the issues. John understands firsthand the issues facing Connecticut and has the ability, and the credibility, to make things better for all of us. Please vote for John Rasimas on November 8th.

Justin Murphy
Madison, CT