Expecting Republicans to do Better is Just Magical Thinking


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To the Editor:

We have lived in Old Saybrook since 1986 and are supporting Colin Heffernan as State Representative of the 23rd District. We are extremely impressed with Colin’s credentials and commitment to key issues.

Inflation is a severe problem world-wide.  It was caused by the pandemic and Putin.  The Democratic administration is implementing multiple, forceful measures to bring it down, and it will do so in time.  

Expecting the Republicans to do a better job curbing inflation is just magical thinking.  They have no credible, alternative proposals.  If they gain control of state or federal legislatures, they will not do better at solving this problem.  They will, however, continue their stunningly effective efforts to curtail women’s freedom of choice, voters’ right to vote and to have their votes counted accurately, our ability to combat climate change, the political independence of the judiciary, acceptance of non-traditional gender roles, and reasonable regulation of gun ownership.  

Devin Carney, the current state representative in our 23rd District, has voted against the Reproductive Freedom Defense Act (H.B. 5414, supporting freedom of choice); a recent Red Flag Law (H.B. 6355, strengthen the ability to remove guns from dangerous owners); and the Connecticut Clean Air Act (S.B. 4, designed to improve our air quality).  

Colin Heffernan, on the other hand, supports these policies that the Republicans (and Devin) oppose.  In Hartford he will vigorously promote women’s liberty, voting rights, climate change mitigation, judicial independence, personal identity choice and reasonable gun regulation.

It is imperative that the Connecticut legislature remain in Democratic hands and, therefore, we will be voting for Colin on November 8.  Please join us.

Jean and Richard Caron
Old Saybrook, CT