We all win by Having the Common Sense Approach that Fiorello Brings to Hartford


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To the Editor:

I first met Kimberly Fiorello at a school orientation for parents. She sat amongst the many parents, listening and asking questions. She was clearly an engaged mom, and I was thankful not to be the only one asking questions! Then I heard someone mention her name – Kimberly Fiorello.  

I immediately knew she was my state representative. I had recently done a few Google searches to see if she might be a good speaker for a youth conference I was organizing to teach students about government and the legislative process, and now here she was.  

I found an opportunity to speak to her in-person, and Kimberly agreed to come speak to the students.  In typical Fiorello fashion, she delivered beyond expectations.  She brought a large bag of quarters to pass out to the students and used the verbiage on the coin — “Liberty,” “In God We Trust,” and “E Pluribus Unum” — to speak with them about what it means to be an American.  Every adult should hear the message Kimberly gave to the students that day. She engaged a room full of thirteen to seventeen year olds without notes, video or PowerPoint, and when she finished many teenage hands went up with questions that she answered with equal engagement. These young adults understood her message, and it was evident from their questions that Kimberly caused them to begin to think deeply about their individual responsibilities as citizens.

Kimberly is interested not only in her current voting-age constituents; she is invested in sharing with the next generation the importance of the Constitution, democracy, and common sense government. Two of my own children are now in college and voting age, and I am sad to say many of their peers are uninterested and uneducated in our democratic process. Kimberly invests her time and energy in the next generation to change this. 

Kimberly is a role model for the next generation because she is fighting on principles, not party politics — unlike her opponent whose hyperbolic partisan attack mailings we get as a household with unaffiliated voters.  On her website, www.kimberlyfiorello.com, the first thing Kimberly tells you are her principles: individual rights, not group rights; limited government, not government doing everything for us; the rule of law and secure property rights, not lawlessness.  These are America’s founding principles.  

Regardless of your party affiliation, we all win by having the common sense approach to government that State Rep. Kimberly Fiorello brings to Hartford. 

Please join me in re-electing State Rep. Kimberly Fiorello on Nov. 8th.

Christi Gebhart
Stamford, CT