The Kind of Legislator I Want to Become

State Rep. Joe Zullo


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To the Editor:

I am still somewhat new to our State legislature, having been elected in a special election in 2019.  Since then, I have had the honor of representing the majority of East Haven in our State capitol.  As a relative “newbie” to the capitol, I still try to spend less time talking and more time observing my colleagues.

As I sit in the House chamber listening and watching, I often think about the type of legislator I want to be if I’m privileged to continue to be elected in the future.  And without question, Devin Carney is the type of legislator I hope I become.

Devin is kind.  He’s remarkably thoughtful.  He provides efficient and prompt constituent service.  He also works across the aisle and is respected for his bipartisanship.

However, what I find most remarkable about Devin is how hard he takes it on the rare occasions a constituent voices discontent.  So many legislators ignore the critical emails or avoid the tough questions.  Devin doesn’t.  He answers them head on with candor and kindness.  He takes it all personally, sometimes even second and third guessing if he could have “done even more.”  His service is a very personal thing to him.

Over time, I’ve observed that elected officials can sometimes lose that emotional investment.  They get complacent.  Devin’s constituents are lucky to have someone who, after eight years, still weighs every vote like it’s the most important of his career.   If I’m privileged to continue to be re-elected, I hope that’s the type of state representative I become.

I encourage everyone in the twenty-third district to support my colleague Devin Carney when they cast their votes on November 8th.

Joe Zullo
East Haven, CT

Zullo is the incumbent state representative for the 99th assembly district.