The Climate Crisis is Here. That’s Why I am Voting for Rachel Khanna.


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To the Editor:

We have seen the damage that Hurricanes Ian and Ida, Sandy, Isaias, and others have caused in our community, the flooding in Byram, the evacuation of nursing homes, and Town firefighters risking their lives having to triage homes whose electrical panels were submerged. We cannot ignore the toll that climate change is taking on our community. We live on the front lines.

Increasingly frequent severe storms are eroding our shorelines, causing storm surges, destroying our homes, washing out our roads, and damaging our wastewater treatment plants. This damage is expensive. How much longer can we afford to pay insurance premiums to cover “100 year storms” that are happening nearly every year? We need action now.

That is why I will be voting for Rachel Khanna for State Representative of the 149th district. Rachel has been endorsed by the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club. She is committed not only to build up our community’s resilience, but to also address the root causes of climate change. In contrast, her opponent Kimberly Fiorello earned a grade of 25% and was singled out by the CT League of Conservation Voters for having one of the worst environmental records in the entire Assembly. Please join me in supporting responsible community stewardship by voting for Rachel Khanna on November 8th.

Denise Marcil
Stamford, CT