Rachel Khanna is the Sensible Moderate Candidate 


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To the Editor:

As a voter in the 149th district, I like to research all the candidates running for election before casting my vote. During my research, something caught my attention. Rachel Khanna, the Democratic Candidate running for State Representative, has also been endorsed by the Independent Party. In the 2020 election, the Independent Party endorsed her opponent, Kimberly Fiorello. 

The Independent Party has long been considered an automatic second line for Republican candidates in our state, so the switch from Republican Kimberly Fiorello to Democrat Rachel Khanna came as a surprise to me. 

But, as I studied more about the candidates, the Independent Party’s switch made sense. Rachel Khanna supports tax cuts, has a plan for addressing Connecticut’s workforce shortage and attracting employers to Connecticut, favors local zoning, and supports reproductive freedom. In contrast, Kimberly Fiorello chose to make ideological stands while voting against job growth, against tax cuts, against payment of our pension liabilities, as well as voting against reproductive freedom and gun safety. I would be surprised if the Independent Party is the only one having buyers’ remorse for endorsing Kimberly Fiorello in 2020. I hope you will join me in supporting the sensible moderate candidate, Rachel Khanna, who intends to get things done.

Krishen Sud
Greenwich, CT