Jayme Stevenson Will Stem the Tide of Crazy Bills Flowing out of Washington


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To the Editor:

Things are not ok in CT. In February 2019 the sitting congressman for Connecticut’s 4th District, Jim Himes, visited Sikorsky in Bridgeport. To his bewilderment two thirds of the workers were wearing t-shirts supporting the Republicans. Jim passionately spoke about the issues near and dear to his heart, which in his words may have been “a little abstract to those guys”. He didn’t know “what to make of the experience” and his take away was, Democrats need to show economically disadvantaged citizens what they have done to make their lives better. 

Good news for Jim, there was no way but up. In 2019, 10 years after he took office, Connecticut astonishingly still had the same exact number of people employed as it did in December 1989, yes you read that right, zero economic growth. Of course that was before his Sikorsky epiphany. Three years later, how would the hard working folks in Bridgeport rate his performance? In my humble opinion, it wouldn’t inspire a change of attitude. In March 2022, as part of the $1.5 trillion government spending bill Jim helped enact, Bridgeport got $2 million to build Sikorsky a new security fence. It’s a very nice fence, but that’s not all they got. They also got the seventh highest cost of living in the nation combined with the lowest rate of income growth, which is no surprise given the fifth highest cost of doing business. All things considered, they got the third worst economy in the country, and that’s not to say that the rest of the country is booming, the damage from Jim’s congressional votes unfortunately is not limited to Connecticut. 

What else did Jim vote to give us? In the year when we saw the highest inflation in 40 years Jim voted to pass the Inflation Reduction Act, which, according to CBO, will likely increase inflation. In the year when we saw the highest gas prices in history, he voted for the Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act, whose adverse effects on supply, far from reducing the prices, threatened to make the problem even worse. And in the year that saw the homicide rate go 39% up from 2019, Jim voted for the Mental Health Justice Act, which called for the mental health professionals to respond to the scenes of violent crime in place of cops. To be fair, he also co-sponsored and voted for the Big Cat Public Safety Act, so God willing, we’ll finally be spared the rampant violence committed by large felines.

They say, humor is tragedy plus time, unfortunately with Connecticut families struggling to put food on the table, fuel their cars and heat their homes, we are quickly running out of time and can’t afford to humor Jim HImes any longer. Conservative challenger, Jayme Stevenson, will stem the tide of crazy bills flowing out of Washington and bring back sane economic policy to Connecticut and the rest of the country.

Pavla Levin
New Canaan, CT