The Public Has a Right to Know What is Happening in Our Streets


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To the Editor:

The public has a right to know what is happening in our streets. Here are a few headlines: “Two women robbed at gunpoint outside Southport School in Fairfield (Nov 2021); “Connecticut teen accused of murdering Fairfield Prep student makes bail” (May 2022); “Police: Man shot at Southport restaurant not cooperating with probe” (June 2022); “TD Bank in Fairfield robbed by man wearing Air Jordan sneakers, police say” (Oct 2022); “SCSU Student Named As Victim Of Fatal Whalley Avenue Stabbing: Police” (Oct 2022); “Two Connecticut police officers shot dead, one wounded in ambush” (Oct 2022); “Vape Shop Sold Marijuana to Kids In Fairfield, Police Say” (Oct 2022).

Are we ready to stop record crime and inflation, high taxes and escalating interest rates? Crashing markets and business shutdowns? Is it time to secure our borders from drugs, disease, human trafficking and criminal aliens? Is it time to restore national security through energy independence and honorable world peace? Are we ready to return rightful decision-making powers to parents of school-age children?  Is it high time we restored local control of schools and neighborhood development to our towns?

Time has just about run out for us. Vote Republican in person November 8th.

Ellen Jacob
Southport, CT