Khanna and Local Solutions for Housing


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Have you heard of Rachel Khanna? She’s the candidate running for State Representative of the 149th district, and she has important things to say about local zoning. She is tired of developers foisting oversized developments onto our community when low interest rates make building big profitable. 

Yet she also recognizes that the shortage of workforce housing is impeding our economic growth. The state’s labor shortage is the main factor behind last quarter’s decline in our State’s GDP. Briefly put, we cannot produce economic output if we can’t fill jobs, and we can’t fill jobs if there are not enough places for people to live. 

Despite being in place for 30 years, 8-30g has not achieved its objective. Rachel is in favor of local solutions to meet our housing needs. She favors easing local restrictions to make it possible for projects like Vinci Gardens to get approval. She also favors easing deed restrictions on accessory dwelling units that deter homeowners from renting them. 

Rachel stands up for the needs of her constituents. She did this on the RTM when she felt the budget did not provide adequate funding for fire coverage for the residents of her district in Northwest Greenwich.

I urge you to learn more about Rachel on her website and give her your vote this November.

Joan Thakor
Greenwich, CT