Fed Up With Negative Letters About Fiorello


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I keep reading these negative letters about Representative Kimberly Fiorello and I am fed up. If anyone knows Kimberly, you know that she is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She is passionate and what I call, “a politician with a backbone”. She regularly reaches out to her constituents, hosts educational zoom sessions on important topics such as health, zoning, education, taxes, etc. She is a strong believer that people should get to decide how to live their own lives, not the government and writes often in the local papers. She has office hours on her porch, open to all. I do not live in her District, but I often attend her sessions. She is the type of politician we need in Hartford, someone who is not afraid to say what they think. If you live in her district, please vote for Kimberly, she brings the vitality we need in Hartford.

Elizabeth Wynn McDaniel
Greenwich, CT