Election About Failed Policies of Biden, Aided by His Allies in Congress


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This upcoming election is not about former President Donald Trump; he has been out of office nearly two years. But it is about President Biden and his failed policies (inflation, energy issues, border security, crime), aided and abetted by his allies in Congress, such as Rep. Jahana Hayes, D-5th District, and Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn.

At issue is Biden; House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.; Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.; and by extension Hayes and Blumenthal. They have enabled these failed policies by voting nearly 100% with the Biden agenda. Are you happy with the ever-increasing rate of inflation as you spend more of your hard-earned money for groceries every week? Then vote for Hayes-Pelosi.

Are you OK with the price of gasoline and heating oil as you prepare for the coming winter? Then vote for Blumenthal-Schumer and their anti-energy independence policies.

Does the disaster at our southern border that is allowing millions of unvaccinated, untested and unvetted unknowns to pour into our country bother you? Then you might reconsider your vote for the Biden-Hayes agenda in November.

Do you worry about rampant crime fueled by “defund the police” policies and our soft-on-crime legal system that favors perpetrators over victims, resulting in discouraged and underfunded police forces? Then Biden-Blumenthal may not be the way to go.

But if skyrocketing inflation and energy costs, a total lack of national border security and rising crime aren’t your cup of tea, there are alternatives to the current Biden, Hayes and Blumenthal policies – and that is voting for 5th District Republican candidate George Logan to replace Jahana Hayes and Republican senatorial candidate Leora Levy to replace Blumenthal. We can reverse the course that we are on and vote for fiscal and social sanity – it is up to us, the voters of Connecticut. We will once again get the economy we vote for.

Ken Goyette
Waterbury, CT