After 20 Years of Livvy Floren, Fiorello Does Not Represent Constituent Interests


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As a resident of Stamford and of the 149th district, I will be voting for Rachel Khanna for State Representative on November 8th.  For the past two years, the 149th District has been represented by someone who has pushed an extreme agenda over the needs of her constituents. I have felt that my interests and many in the district have not been represented by Kimberly Fiorello. For twenty years, I supported Livvy Floren, a sensible legislator who listened to her constituents. Ms. Fiorello most definitely does not. I firmly believe that Rachel Khanna is the right person to represent us.

In addition to being an involved member of the Greenwich community for the past 20 years, Rachel is well suited for this moment because she is guided by common sense and compassion. Rachel’s background in financial services will help cultivate a fiscally responsible perspective on economic issues. 

Rachel believes in policies that will spur economic growth for our region and investments that will prioritize education and infrastructure. She is a strong defender of women’s reproductive rights and an advocate for common sense legislation to curb gun violence and to protect our coastal community environment. Rachel’s endorsements from CT Against Gun Violence, Moms Demand Action, Planned Parenthood, National Organization for Women, CT League of Conservation Voters, and Sierra Club reinforce her demonstrated commitment to defending our rights, our safety, and our environment. These are all causes and organizations I support.

Please vote for Rachel Khanna on November 8th. If you wish to learn more about Rachel, visit

Donna Hascher
Stamford, CT