Former Clinton First Selectman Endorses Aniscovich for State Rep


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To the Editor:

I am pleased to endorse Republican candidate Chris Aniscovich who is running for the 35th State House District. Chris is a small business owner, Chair of the Clinton Town Council, served on many town commissions & committees and has been very active in youth sports and our regional community. He understands the current “real ” challenges faced by towns ,businesses and families dealing with increased taxes and other inflationary costs of gasoline, diesel fuel, utilities and food costs.

Chris is also very concerned about coastal resiliency, our environment , safety, healthcare, job opportunities in our district and making sure educational decisions for our district are made locally and are not imposed by Hartford . I have first hand knowledge that Chris works across the aisle on issues and gives careful ,thorough thought to them. He will never avoid voting nor will he make promises he can not keep. He is always responds to issues and concerns and is what I call “out front” and not one who makes decisions ” behind the scenes”. He also is very good at facilitating meetings to keep folks focused to make timely decisions. Chris will make sound Legislative Decisions for our District.

A vote for Chris Aniscovich is a vote for you !!

Bruce Farmer
Clinton, CT

Farmer is a former First Selectman of Clinton