One of 9 Legislators to Vote Against ‘Jennifer’s Law’


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To the Editor:

With all of the attention paid to crime in our community, would it shock you to learn that the number one most reported violent crime is domestic violence? According to statistics shared over the summer by Chief Heavey, domestic violence is the most reported crime by far in our community, exceeding reports of car thefts, shoplifting, robbery and all other sexual assaults combined. In 2021, 265 cases of domestic violence were reported to the Greenwich Police Department, up from 254 the year before. And with 136 reports as of the publication of Chief Heavey’s July 22nd op-ed, we are on track to this year surpass the number of incidents of domestic violence reported in 2021. 

These “reports” of domestic violence are more than statistics, they are our friends, family members, neighbors, colleagues, and ourselves. They are my next door neighbor growing up and a best friend in High School.

That’s why it is shocking to know that our current State Representative, Kimberly Fiorello, voted against Jennifers’ Law, a law that improves protections for those impacted by domestic violence by recognizing that domestic violence can extend beyond physical violence to controlling behavior—stalking, isolation, or financial restriction.

In fact, Kimberly Fiorello was one of only 9 legislators to vote no on this important legislation. 

Women experiencing domestic violence need an ally. They deserve to know that those in positions of power in our state are doing all they can to protect and assist them. With her vote against Jennifers’ Law, Kimberly Fiorello has shown that she is no ally to women, and proven herself unworthy of our vote and undeserving of re-election. 

Christine Baker
Greenwich, CT