Menapace for Addressing Climate Change and the Environment


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To the Editor:

I’ll be supporting Nick Menapace in the race for State Representative of the 37th District (East Lyme, Salem, Montville) with my vote on November 8th. For decades, scientists have warned us about the impact our greenhouse gas emissions are having on the planet. At one time, this was not a political issue and both parties acknowledged its truth and potential solutions. Sadly, that has not continued and the incumbent representative has scored a 67% in the Legislative Scorecard by the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters, which tracks the votes of all state representatives and senators across environmental issues.

The incumbent voted against the Clean Air Act, which included a variety of measures to reduce emissions in the transportation sector, and the State’s Plan of Conservation and Development to update guidance to towns using more current data and science-based planning that considers the impacts of climate change.

Nick Menapace, a teacher in our community with a vested interest in the status of our planet for current and future generations, has been endorsed by both the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters. We need climate champions at the table for the future of ALL Connecticut residents, regardless of political party. That’s why I’m supporting Nick Menapace.

Michelle Williams
Niantic, CT