Media Fail to Ask these Tough Questions of Incumbents


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Our media in Connecticut are doing the bidding of those in power, rather than asking tough questions of incumbents, such as:

One: Connecticut finances are NOT balanced through in-state activity. They have been propped up by federal tax dollars. The most recent quarterly GDP figures showing a 4.7% decline in Connecticut and the 20% decline in the stock market foreshadow a massive drop-off in tax revenue. Combined with the ending of the federal COVID dollars, it is common sense to know that Connecticut will be back in the familiar position of looking for revenue to pay the out-of-proportion costs of state government. What has Governor Lamont’s administration done to reign in out of control costs of government?

Two: Inflation is ravaging the purchasing power of all citizens and worse, destroying the value of retirement accounts. Inflation will halve the purchasing power of your savings in eight years. Why does the Lamont administration and our Federal officials continue to advocate for additional, inflationary spending?

Three: Lamont signed into law a Police Accountability law, taking qualified immunity away from our police forces. As a result, police have been more selective about pursuit of criminal activity as evidenced by the increase in nearly all types of crime in Connecticut. Bob Stefanowski knows this and has proposed to modify the law to protect law enforcement from lawsuits that could ruin their livelihoods. Why did Lamont sign this bill into law?

Four: Connecticut continues to under-perform economically by comparison to pre-2008 recession and against the rest of the country. Lamont has stated he is …”100% on board with Biden and (Biden’s) policies and that he (Lamont) welcomes Biden to Connecticut to talk about infrastructure.” Our entire federal delegation is on board with the power elite of DC. Why else would the VP be coming to Connecticut a second time this year? Why else would a long-ago Secretary of the Navy, now operating as political consultant be writing in support of the Congressional District 2 incumbent? They desperately want to hold onto their power sinecures – allowing know-nothing, never-held-a-real-job politicians to become wealthy as “public servants.”

Connecticut is unable to attract sufficient new businesses due to 2nd highest in the country electrical costs; nearly highest in the country property taxes and an unwillingness to cut costs. Connecticut’s costs are 50% higher than fellow New England state New Hampshire. In CT, if not for the presence of 3 significant defense contractors and the work that they provide to subcontractors in the state, there would be zero question about where Connecticut finds itself among the 50 states in economic vitality – dead last.

Our Founding Father’s foresaw this consolidation of power and built checks and balances into the Constitution. But – it is up to all of us as citizens to vote the powerful incumbents out of office, and to hold the newly elected responsible to their oath of office.

Robert Ham
Cheshire, CT