Fiorello Votes Against Her Constituents’ Needs


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To the Editor:

Up until the election of Kimberly Fiorello in November of 2020, residents of District 149 in Greenwich and Stamford could count on Livvy Floren to VOTE their wishes on legislation presented in Hartford. Livvy did this so gracefully and in such a bi-partisan manner, that in her nine races to return to Hartford, she ran unopposed in four. Such was the trust she garnered from Republicans and Democrats alike.

In November of 2020 Kimberly was elected by a margin of 396 votes out of 14,012 cast or 2.8%. She immediately joined the Conservative Caucus in Hartford, a group of 15 legislators whose ideology, not their constituents’ desires, dictates their votes. Two members of this caucus, Representatives Fishbein and Dubitsky, are suing our state on behalf of a gun rights group to overturn the law we adopted banning the sale of certain semi automatic rifles following the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. Livvy Floren voted for this very law in 2013, and she voted to ban Ghost Guns, Safe Storage of Firearms in Cars, and Ethan’s Law (safe storage in the home), all passed in 2019. Not only did Livvy vote for these bills, but she also co-sponsored them.

Looking at Kimberly Fiorello’s voting record on gun safety, we can see why she was granted an “A” rating by the NRA. She voted against tracking illegally sold firearms in the state, against red flag laws, and against the establishment of a community gun violence prevention program. And though she talks a lot about local control, she sponsored a bill to deny municipalities the right to make rules about where guns are allowed to be carried. 

In November of 2020 Kimberly was an unknown yet to be proven legislator from D149. Today we know that she is an ideologue who is out of touch with her constituents. Along with her small group of likeminded legislators, she votes against her constituents’ needs time and time again. Her time is up!

This November 8th, we, and I mean Republicans, Democrats, and Independents of D149, need to vote for a safe Connecticut, for ourselves and for our neighbors. We need to VOTE for Rachel Khanna for State Representative for D149 in Greenwich and Stamford.

John Cooper
Greenwich, CT