Menapace ‘Will Produce Results Which Will Improve Our Lives’


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To the Editor:

I am voting for Nick Menapace for State Representative in the 37th District because his energy and passion for the community will produce results which will improve our lives.

As a history teacher, Nick is aware that some leaders make tough choices to be on the right side of history, while others never quite take a stand on issues that matter. Nick’s compass is set to prioritizing solutions to problems which impact the quality of our lives. In his experience as an educator, Nick has learned that to reach goals, teachers and school administrators must work with students and parents to educate our young people so they can succeed in today’s complex world. Nick realizes that a similar collaborative effort within our community is needed to solve the problems facing us today and tomorrow. Nick has prioritized making the 37th District more affordable to live and raise a family, to obtain affordable medical care that does not put you in debt, and to fight for wages which allow us to afford to live in this wonderful community. It’s time for the 37th District to make some noise about improving our lives, and to take the necessary action to accomplish that goal.

Vote for Nick!

Samuel Sims
East Lyme, CT