Stamford Neighborhoods Coalition: Fiorello Shares Commitment to Preserve ‘Unique Character’ of Towns


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To the Editor:

It is an absolute pleasure to endorse Kimberly Fiorello for reelection as State Representative. I regard Kimberly as a friend and diligent public servant who stands up tirelessly for the rights and best interests of her constituents. There are no bounds to her commitment and energy! As a representative, Kimberly has stood up against powerful and entrenched political forces, not only exposing the failed policies of the Connecticut legislature, but offering instead a clear vision of a better way forward.

Kimberly galvanized grassroots legislative support to protect our towns and defeat a wave of zoning bills coming out of Hartford that would diminish local voices and local decision-making on matters pertaining to zoning and land use. She challenged the utility companies for their exorbitant rates and poor response to outages.

Furthermore, she has been a strong advocate, supporting our police and law enforcement, and a proponent for academic excellence, parents’ rights, and school choice. Kimberly is a staunch supporter of responsible budgeting, and prudent spending to reduce the heavy financial burdens on Connecticut residents, creating an environment conducive for businesses to flourish and expand, growing our economy, and providing new employment opportunities.

Kimberly has demonstrated time and again a shared Coalition commitment to preserve and protect the unique character of towns and neighborhoods. Kimberly comes to you with our strongest recommendation for a well-deserved second term.

Barry Michelson
Michael Battinelli
The Stamford Neighborhoods Coalition