Saubermann: Re-elect Palm for State Representative


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To the Editor:

Christine Palm is an exceedingly effective and thoughtful representative for our 36th District. She does this by putting her constituents’ needs first and politics last in her priorities. Christine maintains open, trusted communications with her constituents, balances district-wide and state-wide issues, and manages legislative responsibilities.

It’s no surprise our District’s town leaders know that they can count on Christine’s help solving local issues by marshaling state resources. As a legislator, Christine can be depended upon to consider and balance her constituents’ diverse, sometimes narrowly-defined concerns with broader impact.

She is a pragmatic, thoughtful decision maker with a long list of positive, important legislative accomplishments. For example, Christine worked with a group to ensure Connecticut women will continue to have the right to choose (HB54140), she worked to cut $650,000,000 in taxes (HB 5506) while
investing in our economy, and she helped pass impactful environmental legislation protecting property and quality of life – something particularly important to District 36 constituents.

Christine served 10 years as a General Assembly policy analyst before running for office. That’s experience researching and drafting laws, many were eventually enacted with strong bipartisan support. Additionally Christine helped argue a bill’s pluses/minuses to various General Assembly Committees. She thus came to office as an experienced, accomplished and highly-respected legislator known as someone who can work cooperatively and constructively. This experience is extremely valuable for our towns and for everyone in our district.

Being a representative in these extraordinary times of divisive identity politics is not easy, yet it is critically important for a healthy, vibrant representative democracy. Christine understands this well, and she has been, and continues to be, an outstanding State Representative. She deserves our full and enthusiastic support for re-election. Please join me and support Christine Palm for re-election.

Al Saubermann
Deep River, CT