Transparency and Truth for Secure Elections, Not Partisan Officials 


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“Truth never damages a cause that is just.” 

This quote attributed to Mahatma Gandhi seems a particularly good way of addressing State Senator Will Haskell’s September 14th CT Post Op Ed regarding his support for a Connecticut election misinformation officer. 

Instead of addressing the truth about our elections in Connecticut, Haskell and other partisan politicians like Stephanie Thomas want to distract voters with news stories from across the nation. 

What makes it worse, is that Haskell and Thomas are in charge of the state legislature’s Administration and Elections Committee, and they continue to look the other way while actively denying that there are any issues with election integrity in Connecticut. 

During the last 365 days, there have been over 5 serious election issues in Connecticut with more potentially coming. Instead of acknowledging and addressing these problems, these state leaders along with the Secretary of the State have been silent — no comment, no action. 

All voters should expect the truth regardless of which political party it involves. Omission may be worse than misinformation because looking the other way as a state official further erodes trust in what should be a fair and transparent election process. 

Connecticut needs a Secretary of the State that cares more about election integrity than which party wins. 

Chris Coyle
Pomfret Center, CT