Maguire Fails to Mention Canton in Interview


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To the Editor:

As a resident of Canton, I was disappointed to see that Heather Maguire did not even mention Canton, one of the two towns she hopes to represent in the state legislature, in her recent interview.  (Maguire Highlights Affordability, Access to Healthcare, Local Control in Run to Unseat Kavros DeGraw, Sept. 29.)

I was particularly concerned that she was not aware of what is going on here in Canton when she indicated that she was running on “giving police more of the tools that they need to protect people.” 

Just a few weeks ago, the Town of Canton accepted a $550,000 state grant, spearheaded by Ms. Maguire’s opponent, State Rep. Eleni Kavros DeGraw (who is the Vice Chair of the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee), that will pay for the replacement of our police communications console and related building renovations.  As a member of Canton’s Board of Finance, I can say that this grant will have a significant impact on Canton’s budget, and that here in Canton, Rep. Kavros DeGraw is not only “giving police more of the tools that they need to protect people” but also looking out for our bottom line.

Katie Kenney
Canton, CT