Many Pressing Issues Where Electing Kimberly Fiorello Will Make a Difference


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CT Examiner recently published a letter by Donna Tatroe supporting Rachel Khanna as the savior of women’s rights because she is a strong supporter of abortion rights. That is not a sufficient reason to elect her. In fact regardless of who wins this race abortion law will not change in Connecticut.

There are many pressing issues where electing Kimberly Fiorello will make a difference. We have an overtaxed, over regulated state that has been shipping businesses, taxpayers and jobs to Florida, Texas and the deserts of Arizona.

Parental rights and their children’s education has shifted focus from education to indoctrination and woke political ideology. Local control of zoning is being taken over by CT  8-30G with high density rental housing being haphazardly placed anywhere a developer can find the land . For example if Greenwich were to be in complete compliance with this law using the private development model of 30% affordable housing in each project its population would have to increase by 50%. Where would the people come from, can the town provider the water, sewers, electricity , parking and school slots. None of these concerns can actually stop the process. 

The single partly leadership of Democrat control of the Governor and both houses of the State Legislature does not work.

Kimberly Fiorello is a hardworking fighter for the rights of parents, children. local control of zoning, economic development and a State with a future that is bright rather than gloomy. 

It is time to rebuild our beautiful state by restoring two party rule.

Kimberly Fiorello is dedicated to serving the people of her district and should be re-elected.

Dr. Michael Goldstein
Greenwich, CT