Vote for the Candidate Who Demonstrated She Supports Women


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Only One Candidate in 149th District Race Supports Women – It’s Rachel Khanna

It’s true – only one candidate in the State Representative race for District 149 supports women. Both candidates ARE women, but only Rachel Khanna has shown her commitment to women’s rights through her actions and earned endorsements, while Kimberly Fiorello has demonstrated the opposite. 

Let’s examine the facts – Kimberly Fiorello voted NO on the recent Reproductive Freedom Defense Act that improves abortion access and protects providers in our state. She voted against a bill that protects pregnant patients from false advertising by pregnancy crisis centers. She voted NO on Jennifers’ Law – a bill enhancing protections for domestic violence victims. Fiorello suggested that college sexual assault victims could avoid becoming victims of violence by not drinking – something that was seen as victim blaming by many of her colleagues. Fiorello even voted twice against working women – opposing workplace breastfeeding accommodations for working moms and voting NO on gender pay equity and wage transparency. 

Rachel Khanna has been a longtime supporter of Planned Parenthood including volunteering as a clinic escort in Stamford to protect access to reproductive care. She was recently endorsed by Connecticut Chapters of both Planned Parenthood Votes and the National Organization for Women for her commitment to women’s rights and to safeguarding reproductive choice. Rachel acknowledges that domestic violence is the #1 reported violent crime in Greenwich and she is committed to working with victim advocates to strengthen protections. Rachel denounces a culture of victim blaming and believes we must work to make it safe for victims to report sexual assault crimes. She knows that being a working mother requires a lot of juggling, so it is especially important to support new moms in the workplace – including providing a private place to express breastmilk. And importantly, unlike her opponent, Rachel is a supporter of gender pay equity.

The choice is clear – vote for the candidate who has demonstrated she supports women – vote for Rachel Khanna on November 8th for State Representative.

Donna Tatroe
Stamford, CT

Tatroe writes that she has been a resident of Stamford for 47 years