Actions Speak Louder Than Symposiums


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To the Editor:

Let’s examine the reasoning a recent letter-writer gave to encourage support for Kimberly Fiorello’s re-election. In “Fiorello embraces Truth,” Andy Duus urges voters to give Fiorello another term because she has been “relentless to uncover and share…the truth, however inconvenient it may be with popular sentiment.” In pursuit of that “truth,” he praises Fiorello for organizing a series of seminars with speakers who espouse her particular anti-government, libertarian worldview, including: Dr. Scott Atlas, the fired Trump administration official who notoriously promoted “herd immunity” to COVID, and Peter Wood of “No Left Turn in Education,” the group that has spearheaded national fear-mongering about Critical Race Theory being taught in schools. 

What is revealing is that Mr. Duus didn’t identify a single legislative achievement of Fiorello’s. That is because she has none. Fiorello is one of a 15-member Conservative Caucus in the Assembly that votes against nearly everything. She voted against funding for our schools, our police, our fire department, and our community centers. She voted against tax cuts and against job creation programs. She voted against voting rights, against reproductive freedoms, and against public health and safety. Constantly voting no demonstrates her unwillingness or inability to work with others toward the greater good.

When I want a lesson on “truth” or political philosophy, I’ll enroll in a continuing education class. I will not waste my vote on someone who puts symposiums over actions on our needs and interests. That is why I will vote for Rachel Khanna this November 8th. Rachel is a level-headed advocate who is committed to balanced budgets, economic growth, cutting taxes, and defending fundamental rights. That is how she carried out her duties on the RTM, and that is how she will serve us in the Assembly. I hope you will join me in voting for Rachel. 

Paul Kretschmann
Greenwich, CT