What is Going on With Stamford’s Zoning Board?


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What is going on with the zoning board? HOW could they pass 222-12 and 222-13 and put into passing 222-14, WITHOUT the water report that is to be presented September 26, 2022?

We are in a DROUGHT!!!

They passed 222-112, and 222-13 and put into final discussion 222-14 WITHOUT THE REPORT FROM Aquarium being presented September 26, 2022. WE can only water our lawns and gardens TWICE a week!! Passing All of these zoning changes WITHOUT ALL of the reports is concerning and UNETHICAL.

We NEED a totally NEW zoning board. The Taxpayers need to know how many zoning changes there have been in the past three years. How many have been approved by changing zoning and how many have stayed the same? The taxpayers NEEDS answers. DID they have all of UPDATED information require?

This is very concerning and unethical! The zoning board is rezoning too quickly WITH OUT CURRENT reports. (Current is within one year). That also should include CURRENT Traffic Studies, 2022 not 2019, with all the development. IT is time for ALL members on the zoning board, especially if their terms have expired to be replaced! Matter in fact ALL appointed boards members whose terms have expired SHOULD BE replaced.

There is TOO MUCH growth too quickly and there should be a Moratorium on ALL building permits. The city building inspectors and building structural engineers cannot do their job. We have too many problems that are occurring, for example The Loft apartments and the lawsuit against the city which the
taxpayers must pay! Building companies WHO DO NOT FOLLOW THE RULES of the City and have buildings falling apart, for example balconies falling, swimming pools falling into the garage, elevators coming apart and falling (This is FRONT Page NEWS, ask the south end representatives, this is troubling).

Where are the newspapers?

Now we have a builder building on property that they DID NOT OWN. When is this going to stop? These builders SHOULD NOT BE ISSUED ANY MORE building permits, they are putting the City of Stamford in jeopardy with a HUGH LAWSUIT!! How many Building permits have been requested in the last three years by builders? How many have been approved and how many have been disapproved? How many homeowners in the last three years been requested by Homeowners? How many have been approved and how many have been disapproved?

The taxpayers need know this information! The South End and downtown are over-developed. It needs to stop NOW! No one will be able to get on or off Interstate I-95. Where is the basic common sense?

Why is there no affordable housing in North Stamford, CT, where there is plenty of room? ALL neighborhoods should have some of this development and there SHOULD BE NO discrimination! IT is TIME FOR THE TAXPAYERS and COMMUNITY MEMBERS TO BE HEARD.

The City of Stamford does not have the appropriate infrastructures, water, sewer, and roads. The city needs more commercial, which DOES NOT USE washing machines, dishwashers, or take showers!

One last question Why have our property taxes gone up so much in the last several years with ALL the new developments, are builders getting tax breaks? What kind of tax breaks? The taxpayers need to know!

John C. Pace
Susan Bell-Pace
Stamford, CT