Cheshire Town Council Pushes a ‘Break-the-Bank’ Agenda on Schools


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To the Editor:

The town council is disregarding their oath of office by allowing and pushing a break-the-bank financial agenda that will break many homeowners,  businesses and finances in these most — and in the future — trying times. 

The $540 million price tag for “unneeded” new schools has already increased $20 million without a shovel going into the ground.  Many of these same councilors and the majority of the councilors at the time had a very different opinion and did not support this same type of agenda on June 27, 2017, saying it would not be in the town’s best interest because of the state’s financial instability. That school project was price tagged at $106 million and rejected. 

Here we are 7 years later with a $560 million dollar price tag, and increase of 45% in inflation, and the council can’t wait to open your wallet.  Go to archived agendas and minutes for the Town of Cheshire, and read for yourself the contradictory views.   The town council has a fiduciary responsibility to all residents and business owners to make well informed decisions and to do what is best in the interests for the total community.  Are you as an average taxpayer prepared to pay out $37,661.49 more in taxes in addition to what you already pay over a 30 year period? 

With a projected recession in the forecast a reassessment upon us and no accurate insight for inflation the council is circumventing the public by not being transparent on all phases of their plan.  While it is important to look at what’s best for the students it’s equally important to look at the best interests of the total community and especially people on fixed incomes.  Additions if needed can easily and affordably be done at Chapman and Norton.  The latest technology can easily be retrofitted into these schools. 

The latest smokescreen is to break down the new generation plan and camouflage it with their $166 million plan for two new schools.   Control your future vote no in November.  

Ray Ilnicki
Cheshire, CT