Lyme Art Academy Introduces New Offerings at Info Session on Sept. 21

Rick Lacey, director of youth programs at Lyme Academy, gives a class lesson (Photo: Jordan Sokol)


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OLD LYME — Studio Immersion and the Young Masters Afterschool Program are two new offerings among the classes that will be featured at the The Lyme Academy of Fine Arts informational session on Wednesday, Sept. 21 from 6 to 8 p.m. 

“The Studio Immersion program works well for people who need some flexibility in their schedule. We wanted to create something for people who really wanted to get some very serious and rigorous training, but don’t have the time,” said Edmond Rochat, director of continuing education and principal anatomy instructor at the school. 

The program is five days a week but the curriculum is project-based, so if a student misses a day they can pick up where they left off when they return, Rochat said. 

“In order to advance in the curriculum, you just need to complete the projects, which may take you a few days or a few weeks, but when you complete one, you move on to the next and so it’s aggressive but also adaptive to people’s time,” he said. 

The new Young Masters Program is an afterschool offering for students ages 12 to 18, said Rick Lacey, director of youth programs.

“It’s all observational drawing. It’s the same classical type of stuff that we do across the board at the Lyme Academy,” said Lacey, a portrait painter and a 2011 graduate of the academy.

“We’re basically training our hand and our eye to be able to see and then to not necessarily copy — but we’re retraining our hand and our eye to be able to accurately draw what we see in front of us,” he said. “A lot of times, we have preconceived notions of the way things look and so the whole idea of the program is to kind of ask questions about what we’re seeing.”

The event will include live drawing demonstrations by faculty and a tour of the campus and studio spaces. 

Other offerings this Fall include the Core program, workshops, open studio drawing and more. 

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