Despite State-of-the-Art Technology, Stamford Schools are Failing Our Children


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To the Editor:

This whole issue of 4×4, grading for equity, and mastery learning needs to be debated robustly with all involved. I would love to listen to your take on these most important issues and at the same time I would like you to listen to my concerns.

This is a very trying time right now and I want to make sure we get this right for the importance of our children getting a true, solid education. I have done quite a bit of research on this and in the end I feel going down this road is cheating our children of a bright future. I come from a time where the education was great but we educated our children in an elemental fashion with basic materials.

Today, teaching has been improved by technology, which in in reality you would think it would make educating simpler. So why is this so complicated? Not only should this have been a simple improvement, our schools in Stamford are failing our children while getting poor rankings in the state, with state-of-the-art technology.

Before this technology, Stamford had one of the best rankings in the country with the most basic education. I think we have a lot to discuss and I believe it would be beneficial to our education environment in Stamford. Also the divisiveness I am witnessing in our city is something I have never seen in my 55 years living in Stamford.

Please try to find the time to make this happen. I feel these are crucial issues to get right without politics or partisanship. We need real discussion with open minds. Thank you have a great weekend. I will be spending fathers day with the most important thing in my life. My children. That’s why I am involved. Let’s get back to the basics of education, this is when teachers enjoyed teaching.

Paul Arvoy
Stamford Ct.