What if Lamont had Put Forth a Plan to Make Connecticut a Viable Place for Business?


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Immediately after the primary election of 9 August, Governor Ned Lamont attempted to spin Leora Levy’s win in the Republican primary as ..”Trump influenced”, thinking that he might hurt Ms. Levy’s effort to defeat Senator Blumenthal in November. 

In fact, the Governor doubled down by stating that he is 100% in support of President Biden and Biden’s policies.  Really, Ned?  As a result of Biden’s delinquent leadership and profligacy, the tax paying citizens now have to contend with:

  • Inflation rates not seen in 40 years – even when measured by the more lenient methods of today.  At current rates of inflation, responsible citizens who saved for retirement will see the purchasing power of their nest eggs halved in eight years.
  • The disintegration of our southern border.  A nation that does not enforce its immigration laws  is not a nation.
  • A critical lack of respect on the world stage as evidenced by the travesty of Putin’s war in Ukraine and Xi’s aggressive military maneuvers in the territorial airspace and waters of Taiwan.

Instead of chasing revenues via tolls; Transportation Climate Initiative; transport truck taxes; and diesel taxes for his entire term, what if Lamont had shown some leadership and put forth a plan to make Connecticut a viable place to expand or locate one’s business?? 

Lamont continues to take hand-outs from the federal tax payer.  He boasted that his only reason to extend executive orders was to obtain additional federal dollars for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).  Great idea, Ned – let’s rob the rest of the 50 states to prop up your lack of leadership.   That Connecticut’s wobbly finances are supported by the rest of the country should be an embarrassment for all of us when speaking with friends and family in other States. 

Leadership means setting a vision and making hard decisions.  All that Ned has shown us is that he really does not have a clue how most of us live and work. 

It is time to elect a governor who understands leadership.  Bob Stefanowski is that man.

Robert Ham
Cheshire, CT