On Freedom


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To the Editor:

RE “It is Time for Progressives to Embrace Freedom” (Columns, Aug. 2):

Here is why this column should really be titled do as I say, not as I do. This is typical progressivism. Exactly what was stated about the conservative interpretation of freedom is 100% what the majority of Democrats do, and not just the Left.

With freedom, you do not question how someone decides to wear this badge of freedom.

It is as though the author is taking it upon himself to dictate to conservatism how to interpret freedom. The misconception that either side has the right to claim what freedom to another human being is totally the opposite of what freedom is about. Freedom is a personal feeling. It is every person’s God-given right from birth to be free. You are born free and this right shall not be infringed upon. So in response to this column and the author, how about you keep the way you want to live your free life to yourself and I will do the same. My friend, this is what freedom is about. Freedom is exactly the opposite of this article.

Paul Arvoy
Stamford, CT