Former Candidate Endorses Erick Russell for State Treasurer


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To the Editor:

Primary elections are coming up on August 9th and in the Democratic primary for state treasurer I hope you will join me in voting for Erick Russell. Sadly, the incumbent, Shawn Wooden, is not seeking re-election, and to replace him the state party endorsed Erick as its official nominee at its recent convention, and with good reason. But two losing candidates at that convention are now challenging Erick in the upcoming primary.

So why am I backing Erick?

First of all I have a strong interest in making sure that our next state treasurer is someone who shares my values as a Democrat, is honest, and has the intellect and experience to do the job. Erick is the only candidate who ticks all these boxes.

I myself was a candidate for state treasurer four years ago but when it was clear that I was not going to win the nomination I threw my lot in with Shawn Wooden, ahead of other candidates at the time, and he went on to win the general election and incidentally did an excellent job as treasurer.

Shawn invited me to join his transition team shortly after his election and from that experience and my own background in management, investing and bond issuance I have a perspective few others have on the qualities needed to do this job.

Erick’s personal story and his professional credentials working as an attorney in the arcane world of finance and bonds convinced convention delegates that he should be the endorsed candidate.

And he has convinced me also. Erick Russell has what it takes to be an outstanding state treasurer and I urge you to vote for him on August 9th.

John Blankley
Greenwich, CT

Blankley is a a former member of Greenwich’s Board of Estimate and Taxation and candidate for State Treasurer in 2018.