‘Climate Change Hysteria’


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To the Editor:

Who are the Domestic terrorists living in America? Are they the moms and dads sparring with the teacher’s unions over CRT and mandates? Are they the countless patriotic citizens slowly rising from their sleep to protest that they have had enough Marxist authoritarian rule? Of course not. These people are mere foils for the Marxists currently running America.

American Marxists who are toying with our domestic security lurk in all branches of our government-legislative (Democrats and Republicans,) executive and judicial. They are also in education, the military, Silicon Valley, the “legacy” media, and corporations such as Blackrock (EGS Scoring of companies and countries.) While we fondly refer to these people as the “elites,” they are power-hungry corrupt Globalists whom Freedom-loving Americans must confront.  

And there is much to confront-the Howard Zinn rendition of American history taught in the classroom, the degradation of law enforcement, the military, the Constitution (reviled by the left), the media, and our southern border. However, the perfect place to begin is to confront the insanity of climate change. It is malignant and destroying America. And that is the plan; tear America down and “Build back better.” Translation is-build America back into the Marxist global community. Let’s face it, the only Americans pushing climate change hysteria are rich white liberals and young Americans fully baptized in the hoax since grade school.

How do we know that climate-change BS is a myth? To understand, we must return to Al Gore’s book, An Inconvenient Truth, that has flooded America’s classrooms. While preaching the tale in his book, the carbon king made gobs of money (one hundred and seventy million dollars and counting) from oil monies. Global warming hype is his cash cow. The crusader got rich from his phony crusade.

Adding to the hysteria, Gore predicted in 2009 that the North Pole would be ice-free by 2013. Do you think he even knew that Chinese sea captains reported melting ice caps as far back as 1434? The inconvenient truth is that the climate has been warming, cooling, and dramatically changing since the beginning of time? Raging fires, mega earthquakes, blizzards, tsunamis, droughts, severe storms, tornados, and heat waves have been around since antiquity-long before carbon emissions. Did you know that the plague of 1867 was blamed on the weather?

Al Gore also predicted that the world’s end would come by 2013. It was all pure nonsense. Do you wonder where Gore gleaned his false information? It was, of course, from the United Nations-“GLOBAL CENTRAL”). The UN at the Bruntland commission in 1987 created the hoax to achieve power (it is always about power.) It was a means to usher in a Global Government. They cleverly realized that they could openly target private property with oppressive regulations. It began first on a local level. The greenie terrorist, with their sketchy green technology and masks of morality, disarmed us at first with benign changes, e.g., anti-pollution remediation. And that opened the door to radical transformations.

Gird your loins, America. Do you realize that Bill Gates (Red River Trust) has gobbled up two hundred and seventy thousand acres of America’s farmland? And why is that? Like Al Gore, Listen to what they say, and then watch what they do. It is goodbye cows and fertilizers and hello Sri Lanka and Ghana (both hailed as models of the great reset). And please ask yourselves why dozens of food processing plants are being destroyed all over America. And why do the media elite (SIC) ignore the story? Is terrorism the nexus? Is it being aggressively investigated by the politized justice department and the FBI?

Do we, the people of this great nation, want to be manipulated by the UN and its sycophants? Do we care that this UN invasion of our country will ultimately strip our freedoms? Does it matter to you that global-warming hype, climate–change hype, and rising sea-level hype is a sinister means of creating fear and guilt? Ultimately, it is fear and shame that generate compliance and the ability to enforce the Marxist idea that the collective takes a front seat to individual rights? Inherent in this ideology is that the government can “plan” our lives better than the individual. Under our current president’s dubious leadership, our government wasted no time shutting down the Alaskan pipeline through executive order. How is that working for you?

It is pertinent to know that James Lovelock, the guru of global-warming hysteria, who predicted the death of billions of humans due to global warming, now admits that he was an alarmist and is debunking the entire cabal. Lovelock and many other NASA scientists have stated that the idea that human activity is responsible for climate change is not credible. Lovelock further claimed that the green movement has become a religion that uses guilt to gain support. Carbon dioxide does not cause changes in the climate. Nature does. And to think otherwise is pure unadulterated hubris.

Enough is enough; modern greenies are destroying America with their phony claims. They have shot way past stewardship. We need to elect leaders who are not afraid to speak the truth that “global warming,” “rising sea levels,” and the new fantasm “climate change” are the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the human community.

Now may be the time for concerned freedom-loving Americans to watch the stellar recording of Paul Harvey’s prescient “Warning For A Nation” delivered in 1965. It is entitled, ‘If I Were The Devil.”

Alison Nichols
Essex, CT