‘We are Losing our Ability to Keep Civilization Safe and Viable’


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To the Editor:

As a country our biggest challenge are the Washington elites and the extreme left in the Democratic party. We are losing our ability to keep civilization safe and viable. Every major city in the US has people fleeing their urban dwellings. Our stores are boarded up, people are afraid to walk alone at night. We no longer have police walking a beat in neighborhoods. Regularly we read about hit and runs, carjackings, smash and grab robberies, shootings many of which go unpunished. What were once great cities are now havens for homelessness, and crime. We have stopped funding the police, elected prosecutors and civil servants who overlook the violence and the random assaults on the vulnerable, while human excrement, and the trash have become common day occurrences. No longer do we arrest, convict, and incarcerate the guilty.

We have a President that is destroying our economy and killing labor participation through government handouts. A President that inflated the money supply and decreased the value of the dollar. A President who surrounded himself with ideological liberals who ensure corporations, Wall Street, and banks see their organizations go woke while demonizing oil companies, making rich oil and gas leases off limits on government lands, cancelling pipelines, discouraging nuclear power, adding meaningless regulations all leading to high gas prices, diesel fuel, and thousands of additional dollars for heating oil and natural gas for those who live in the northern US. In return his Administration is pushing for electric cars without an infrastructure to support them or greenlighting mining for the critical minerals to make batteries to make them run. An administration that would rather partner with the likes of Venezuela, and Iran and the Saudis for our oil.   

He has allowed millions of illegal non-English speaking immigrants at our Southern Border to enter the country on American taxpayers for transportation, welfare, medicine, education, which will compound the endemic poverty in many of our already impoverished cities. A government that ignores legal immigration law spending billions of dollars on non-citizens that could go to help the homeless, impoverished, and elderly US citizens who are struggling to survive Biden’s self-inflicted inflation. His Administration is attempting to dismantle years of a legal immigration law that guarantees those who learn the Constitution and American civics receive freedom and liberty to live in harmony in America. It is also capped at 675,000 visas per year.  Instead, he chooses to allow illegals into the US who have no allegiance to assimilate into the American way. Regardless of what they say it is becoming obvious his party seeks absolute power and a socialist totalitarian government to replace our Democratic Republic.

William Bellotti
Middlebury, CT

Bellotti served as Deputy Labor Commissioner under Gov. John Rowland