Our Biggest Downfall is Low Turnout


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To the Editor:

This is in response to all of the no confidence votes being signed by Stamford residents and municipal employees against leaders that are leading us into total division. It’s time for them to listen or we as residents we must speak volumes at the voting booth, to rid our city of this toxic environment.

All of Stamford’s leadership are conflicted with the residents and its municipal workers. Our leadership in our city is abandoning the people that make this city work. Our elected representatives, the invisible mayor, the Fire Department, Police Department, Board of Education and Central Office, Planning and Zoning, the unelected Zoning Board and the Stamford Advocate which has chosen one side to represent.

Between our elected and unelected officials, who are the minority, they are all getting this wrong, tearing apart the fabric of this city and creating total chaos and animosity, while keeping our city from thriving. This is a minority group of leaders that should put outside agendas aside and work for the people of Stamford, not work against them.

Some force has infiltrated our diverse, self-running town that has begun to tarnish our great reputation. Our state and local elected politicians and outsiders have falsely gone down the road to call Connecticut a racist state that needs equity and diversity. This is tearing our state and city apart and is blatantly being used to disrupt our way of life. The residents and workers need to stand up and push back on this terribly false narrative that our weak politicians continue to push destroying the integrity of our once accomplished city, that thrived for everyone.

I have lived in Stamford all my life and never witnessed the divisive rhetoric that comes with this minority. Their claims are false, as we never had this issue until our feckless leaders brought in outsiders that do not align with our values to tell us that although we already had top rated schools and our city was growing at a positive rate we are doing it wrong. The only wrong I see is being perpetrated by our leaders. Its time for we the people of Stamford to reclaim our city. It’s time to overwhelm the voting booths with voters that show the true reality of Stamford, which has always been diverse and welcoming without our state government intruding in our lives, forcing division down our throats.

The state also has an undemocratic strong hold with a frightening Democratic super majority, creating laws that do not need to be made, that cause nothing but division among residents. This needs to change now. We need the leaders of our civil servants to stand behind their membership, not force their false narratives on our brave police and fireman, so that morale is high and we get the best service possible from the people who make this city safe. This chaos is made possible because of a not so democratic super majority. How is this democracy when there is a one party rule?

This also includes a Democratic stronghold for thirty years of the Secretary of the State which has definitely brought us to these troubling times. It’s an obvious change that needs to happen. Vote in a Republican Secretary of the State so we can salvage our elections and turn our city and state around, to put us on the path to a successful Stamford and Connecticut future.

In November we must pack the voting booths, overwhelming any chance, that our city and state can continue down this destructive path. Our biggest downfall is low turnout. Please make sure you get out and vote to save our city and state from total collapse. Low voting turnout gives you exactly what you deserve. Let’s vote to take our lives back! Wake up Stamford Americans it’s time to take our city back from a small group of elected and unelected officials that have selfish interests , not the interests of we the people. Thank you for listening.

Paul Arvoy
Stamford, CT