Guns, Gas Prices, Promoting Pot on Connecticut’s Campaign Trail

Gov. Ned Lamont at the Middletown Pride Festival supporting LGBTQ rights.


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“Connecticut has everything! The nation’s best pizza, lobster rolls, college basketball, beaches, mountains, rivers, great breweries, #CTgrown produce, country music. Yes, you read that right. We have country music, like this toe-tapping track about our great state” — a tweet from the campaign of incumbent Democratic Governor Ned Lamont, touting his view on what makes Connecticut great, including a video of the “First Ever Connecticut Country Song,” by the band Rusty Gear.

“This video can’t be real – Can it @GovNedLamont? Our governor should not be encouraging kids to smoke marijuana because Ned Lamont believes it’s “cool to smoke pot.” If this doesn’t prove we need a change in leadership I’m not sure what does!” — Bob Stefanowski, the Republican candidate for Governor, tweets in reaction to a line in the song cited by Lamont, that “It’s cool to smoke a little pot,” in Connecticut.

Bob Stefanowski at the Little Poland Festival in New Britain

“Criminalizing abortion won’t end abortion, but it will lead to a trail of dead women, as it did before abortion was legal, especially in working class and poor communities across the United States” — posted on Facebook by Green Party of Connecticut candidates for Governor, Michelle Louise Bicking, and Lt. Governor, Cassandra Martineau.

“This is a crisis. How many more weeks are Dick Blumenthal, Joe Biden, and the rest of the Dems going to tolerate these gas prices? We need real leadership NOW” — posted on Facebook by former State Rep. Themis Klarides, who is competing in a primary for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination to challenge Democratic incumbent Senator Richard Blumenthal.

“I’m angry, just as every driver in the state is. The big oil companies are profiteering. They are making record profits causing consumers unprecedented pain“– Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal, speaking at a press conference in Hartford where he called for a “big oil windfall profits tax.”

“It’s really all about voting… If someone is not representing you and your values, then you have to vote them out of office. That is the right that we all have as citizens, and we need to take that right seriously” — Sandy Hook Promise founder Nicole Hockley, whose son was killed in the 2012 school shooting in Newtown, speaking in an MSNBC interview where she urged people to vote against “apathetic” politicians who don’t support gun-safety measures.

“We’re talking about a lawful, constitutionally protected piece of equipment. This is protected by the Constitution. You have a right to own these guns” — Mark Oliva, spokesman for the Newtown-based National Shooting Sports Foundation, speaking in a National Public Radio interview about attempts to ban citizens from owning semi-automatic rifles like the AR-15.

“Joe Biden, Ned Lamont, and Democrats have one mission here: silencing any dissenters under the guise of combating ‘misinformation.’ Their hyper-partisan plan is designed to further infringe on voters’ First Amendment rights and is an attempt to control the political discussion, silencing those who disagree with them” — excerpted from an e-mail blast by Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Ben Proto on Lamont’s plan to hire a $150,000-a-year “misinformation officer”  to monitor and combat deceptive election posts on social media.

“Today, we celebrate the keel laying of the USS District of Columbia, the first submarine in the new Columbia-Class fleet. This moment has been years in the making – the start of two decades of Columbia sub production in Groton” — a Facebook post from the campaign page of incumbent Democratic U.S. Rep. Joe Courtney.

“It’s clear from this poll that voters want structural changes to both the state’s tax system and to the way state government operates. They want government to be more efficient and effective and they want a better return on their taxpayer dollars” — Connecticut Business and Industry Association President Chris DiPentima in a statement on a poll the lobbying group conducted suggesting that financial issues dominate voter’s priorities ahead of the election.

Steve Jensen

Steve Jensen was a journalist for 13 years with the Hartford Courant and Journal Inquirer of Manchester before becoming a Communications Director for the State of Connecticut. Jensen covers politics and law enforcement for CT Examiner. T: 860 661-6404